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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to First Time Drinking Wine with Class!

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to First Time Drinking Wine with Class!

Are you a first-timer to the delicacies of wine? Do you want to dive into this world of luxurious culture? Are you concerned about looking less wine-person & sloppy?

Worry not! Vin+ is here to guide you from zero to hero (in wine) with these 4 ultra-easy steps!

      1. Delicately hold the stem!

A wine glass consists of three parts, from the container known as the bowl, the stem and the foot. As it turns out, even holding a wine glass has its own art in itself! Simply hold the glass with the palm facing up and clasp the stem of the glass with the index and middle fingers. Do not put your hands on the bowl! The body heat touching the glass could damage the quality of the wine.

       2. Do the swirl test!

The swirl test is a way to know more about the alcohol content, texture, and taste of the wine. By swirling the wine, you would be able to enjoy your wine even more passionately. Some people would plant the wine glass on the table and make a few circles with the foot, others would do it by picking up the wine glass and swirling it. Anything’s possible as long as you don’t spill it!

       3. Sniff the wine!

Have you ever seen people smelling their wine by putting their nose far into the glass? This turns out to be an important part of the wine tasting. Wine glasses are designed with large bowls so that we can put our nose there and inhale the aromas to assess & challenge our perception of taste. This is also why we shouldn’t fill much wine into the glass, no matter how bad your day is!

       4. Sip it slow but surely.

The last step — finally! — is to drink it. However, if you are a novice at this, it’s important to sip the wine slowly. Drink the wine little by little and swirl it in your mouth for a few seconds before you swallow. Feel the texture and the taste in your mouth as the aftertaste kicks in. Ponder on it, enjoy it, and drink some more.

Voila! By the power vested in Vin+, by Vin+, we declare you… A wine drinker! There are much to discover about wine, such as the tastes, varieties, regions, and pairings of wine. The culture itself is a wonderful thing to know a lot more about. Wine can be a perfect companion for other people. It can be a classy gift for birthdays, housewarmings, and even just a closure for your personal day.

Try it at home with smooth yet affordable wine (yes there’s wine like that)! Luckily, Vin+ have it all! So check this out and decide for yourself!

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