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Wine is Eternally Good for You in the Long Run, Here’s Why!

Wine is Eternally Good for You in the Long Run, Here’s Why!

Arguably, wine is everything that is good in the world for you! It’s the reason why Jesus used it to resemble the Holy blood, so it must be crucial for your health! No matter how old you are, the benefits of consuming wine can be ranged for your health, tastebuds to the need of basic fun!

Let’s take a look on why ‘it’ a.k.a. wine, should be the ultimate beverage for you!

 1. It keeps you mentally sharp!

A study from Journal of the American Geriatric Society has shown that wine could lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Another study in Las Vegas also said that sommeliers are less likely to get Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s diseases because they use the thicker parts of the brain for smell & memory. You may not become a sommelier, but why not drink wine and get the same benefits?

     2. It’s good for your heart!

Red wine especially has been reigned as the healthy drink for your heart. Consisted of antioxidants, red wine may help prevent coronary artery disease, which can lead to heart attacks. Not only that, red wine could reduce blood clots and improve your blood vessels. As long as you drink responsibly!

     3. Food tastes better with it!

There’s a reason why the esteemed chef Julia Child uses wine in her food. Cooking with wine helps to marinade your choice of ingredient and flavor the finished dish. Wine helps to enhance and intensify the taste of the food and therefore, your personal palate. This also works for food & wine pairing — try eating fish or chicken with white wine or cheese with red wine!

   4. It’s great when consumed with friends!

Wine is famously a great gift for friends, be it for birthday or housewarming presents! But nothing is better than drinking with your friends and enjoying the rest of the day with a glass of wine on your hand. Wine helps to calm anxieties & yields inhibitions, which makes chatting with your friends a lot funnier, especially because wine also gives you giggles!

     5. It reduces stress!

If you ever seen shows with characters who are having a hard day, they’re always seen with a glass of wine in their hands. It’s not just for production value, but it is actually helpful! As mentioned above, wine helps to calm anxieties since it is a central nervous system depressant. Especially for people with insomnia, drinking wine can help you relax and get some nice, quality sleep!

So, are you convinced? What are you waiting for? What, are you worried about price, don’t be!

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