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4 Elements of Looking Like An Expert in Reading Wine Labels!

4 Elements of Looking Like An Expert in Reading Wine Labels!

Because of pop culture, wine is seen as a thing of opulence and the sign of wealth — when in fact, it’s the drink of the people! However, all the kinds of wine labels in the world can look intimidating, especially if we don’t know what we’re looking for.

Stop the clock! Vin+ has concocted the 4 key elements to look for your information, or rather, wineformation

     1. Check the brand!

Like, duh! But this is important! Most well-known wines are named after the producer, meaning the château and/or the wine estate, such as Château Margaux or Château Latour in France. Whereas for the other subservient labels, they would name the wine after the grape variety (Pinot Noir or Chardonnay) or the wine region (Chianti or Bordeaux).

     2. Check the origin of wine!

One thing about wine, they are processed and produced in designated vineyards around the world. This is called Geographical Indications (GI). From France to USA. Each of the province has its own standards, from the weather, soil, even to their own winemaking techniques! These aspects will then influence the quality of their products. Wines that are made in Spain will be different with the ones in France or Italy.

     3. Check the grape variant

So many grapes, so many wine, so little time to taste, am I right? Every grape used for wine has their own characteristics, which would affect their taste. As we mentioned from the two elements above, details of the grapes such as level of sugar to acidity would determine wine’s quality. Here’s a cheat sheet: check the back of the bottle to see the variety of the grape based on the percentage!

   4. Check the year of the harvest

Ever heard of the expression ‘aging like fine wine’? This is a tale as old as time! Most remarkable wines are signified by the vintage year, as in the year of the grapes used for the wine were harvested. Usually the year would be stated on the label. This can also be used one of the measurements of the quality. For some wine — the older, the merrier! But it doesn’t mean that all wine is like that, it’s not.

And there you go! These wine hacks would do wonders for your thirst of wineformation and your basic curiosity. However, if you still feel like you don’t know much about this, don’t fret! Visit one of the Vin+ outlets, call our customer service for a comprehensive wine lecture!

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